North Syracuse 
Babe Ruth
P.O. Box 5356
Syracuse, NY 13220

Team/Coaching Information:

All managers and coaches must:

- Complete the Babe Ruth Online Certification at  This is an online course that each individual will have to pay, however this fee will be refunded by NSBR upon completion.

- Provide a copy of their driver's license for the league's background check.  This can be e-mailed to to the Safety Coordinator or mailed to his attention at North Syracuse Babe Ruth, P.O. Box 5356, Syracuse, NY, 13220.

- Provide a phone number (or numbers) and e-mail address for the purpose only of league communications.

Note that the process followed by the NSBR BOD for Manager and Coach selection is as follows:

Individuals who have expressed interest in managing teams in the league are considered by the BOD. All managers and coaches are selected and approved by the BOD. If anyone has further questions about the process, please feel free to contact any BOD member, who will either be able to answer your question or direct it to the appropriate individual.


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